Our Vision


Local First 

It’s okay to have herbs from other places but here at Bright Holler we're working on something different.

Our Southern Ontario climate supports a vast array of plant life and we see the value in prioritizing what grows here first. We want to create communities by supporting our local farmers. This lessens our impact on the land, stimulates local economy, supports community building and has an overall smaller environmental footprint.




When we say organic…

We define organic as: organic practising methods of farming, free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. We recognize that organic certification can be cost-prohibitive and also not a reasonably-attainable classification for small-scale farmers. For this reason, in addition to herbs that are Certified Organic, we carry uncertified organic herbs from farmers we have a personal relationship with.





When we say wild crafting…

All our wild crafted herbs are sourced from the wildcrafter’s property. In reality, “wildcrafted” often means over-harvested and picked from ecologically-sensitive and culturally-significant areas. We feel that the only way to ensure the ethical nature of wildcrafting practices are to build relationships with the harvesters personally.






Organic Cane Alcohol

We use Certified Organic sugar cane alcohol so that even people with gluten sensitivity can benefit from taking tinctures.








Low Waste Packaging.

Our packaging comes from recycled sources and uses as little plastic as possible.

It’s important for us to have as little negative environmental imprint as possible.