About Bright Holler

Bright Holler is founded by 2 herbalist friends with a dream of creating a new herbal community network. 

We believe social and environmental justice takes on many forms. Our vision of creating long lasting relationships with local herbalists and growers to continually supply, sustainable, consistent levels of premium herbs.

Between us, we are queer, POC, herbalists, plant people, gardeners and artists and with physical disabilities. It’s the connection to plants and herbs, and nature that has allowed us to work through our own adversities and can now help others to do the same.  









local when Possible


It’s ok to have herbs from other places, but we felt that when this is the standard, it shows that that there are not connections happening with growers in our own backyard. We want to create communities and support our local farmers. This is great for the land, local ecconomy, community building and has less environmental footprint.


Organic Cane alcohol. Accessibility to those with sensitivities 

- We use Organic sugar cane alcohol so that even people with gluten sensitivity can benefit from taking tinctures. 



In reality, Wildcrafrted often means over harvested and in areas where often people shouldn’t be we felt that the only way to differentiate the ethical nature of that term was to work with the harvesters personally. All our wild crafted herbs come from herbs on the wildcrafter’s property.

When we say organic we mean: 

Certified organic Herbs and, for farms we have a relationship with personally, we define organic as: organic practicing methods of farming, free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. We recognize that organic certification can be cost prohibitive and also not a reasonable atrainable classification  because of their scale.n


Organic sugar cane alcohol so that even people with gluten sensitivity can benefit from taking tinctures

High quality herbs means better efficacy of the medicine.


Low to now waste product and packaging. Recycling bottle returns